Central to the Church of Scotland is our love and worship of God through following the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. We express our love for God by our love, pastoral and practical care for each other and for those we live and meet with in our daily lives.

Christmas Celebration 2021

Bunillidh Church of Scotland invite you to join us to Celebrate Christmas2021 Wednesday 8th December 4.00pm  Movie Time:” The Muppet Christmas Carol” (Plus Juice and Popcorn ) Sunday 12th December “Carols by Candlelight” 4.00pm Wednesday 15th December 4.00pm Movie Time : “The Star” (Plus Juice and Popcorn ) Sunday 20th December our Family service at […]

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K THE CALL-Section 26 (1)

Form of Call We, The members and adherents of the Church of Scotland and of the Congregation known as Clyne lw Kildonan and Loth, Helmsdale being without a minister, address this Call to be our minister to you, Lorna Tunstall of whose gifts and qualities we have been assured, and we warmly invite you to […]

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Declaration of Election Results

J. Declaration of Election Results Section24(6) We hereby declare the results for the election and appointment of a minister to the vacant charge of Clyne lw Kildonan & Helmsdale to be as follows: FOR Electing Lorna Tunstall 88 Against Electing Lorna Tunstall 0 Therefore Lorna Tunstall has accordingly been elected and appointed as the new […]

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